Jai Silkman is the Principal Solicitor and director of Silkman Hockey Lawyers.

Jai has over 10 years’ experience as a legal practitioner. A former Police Prosecutor, Jai has worked extensively in the area of criminal and traffic law. While working for the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Legal Aid Commission Jai dealt with some of the most serious criminal matters in the Local and District Courts. Jai has extensive Court experience having conducted over 500 defended hearings across many areas of law.

Jai also works as the firm’s principal family lawyer. A natural and skilled advocate, Jai offers fierce and intelligent representations to clients who are often going through an extremely challenging phase of their life. 

Jai is passionate about the art of advocacy. Having completed advocacy training through both the College of Law and the Australian Advocacy Institute Jai continuously strives to deliver an up to date and expert skill set .

Jai has the experience, the drive and the knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome for clients who are often going through one of the most challenging experiences of their lives.

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